Letter Surfaces Written To One Person’s Racist, Black, Asian, White Gay Friends

I feel like we’ve just all collectively went through childbirth together. I mean that in no disrespect to women who have given birth, of course.

I tip my hat to you. I am forever grateful for what you endure for the sake of mankind.

But the election has sure felt like we all just painfully shot out a brand new baby with crazy hair that have us all wondering, what they’ll grow up to be doesn’t it.

We have really attacked each other on this one haven’t we. Wow.

I’ve seen some pretty crazy things in my day but this was neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, black against white and woman against man. Or at least that’s what the TV said.

I ran into an elderly lady yesterday while out on the voting trail who said she wasn’t even voting for her relative, who happened to be running for one of our local offices.

It’s crazy to me how much politics divide us. Just crazy. I don’t think we’re really all that divided though.

Now, I don’t know you or your friends but I want you to read this and just relate it to yourself and to your friends. On this one, just keep the world out of it for a moment and just think of the people you know.

Your friends.


To My Friend,

How long have we’ve known each other? Third grade? High school? A few years? Since that Christmas party?

A long time, right?

I’m not sure how you feel about me, but I know how I feel about you. Rock your life, live how you live, go for it. I celebrate your choices, your feelings and I love who you are.

I don’t see color, size, physical qualities, sexual preferences and I certainly don’t measure your worth by the size of your wallet.

I have never measured people like that.

I don’t even see those things. I make a conscious point, to see you.

Fotolia_33405541_Subscription_Monthly_XXL-690x460I don’t think you’re stupid, corrupt, villainous, I don’t think you have an agenda against me and I don’t think you have plans to ruin the world.

You all look like you have pretty decent lives, even my Facebook friends I haven’t seen in decades and every one of us have lived through our own trials and mistakes.

But I don’t know a one of you who is a racist or a bigot. I can’t name one of my friends.

I do though question the people who tell me things. I hope you’ll forgive me for that.

For example, people like the 24 year old just out of college person on the news commenting about important issues in the world.  Or the 43 year old on TV. I question 98% percent of them.

I always ask, by what authority do they have to offer their opinion to me? Because they’re on some news program?

I always question.

I always take myself out of “their conversation” and I look at it from the outside. Why is this an issue? We all know the media has lied to us.  On both sides. They’ve lied to all of us.

They bring up issues, that aren’t issues.

They talk about black and white and culture and people yet, I don’t have any of those hangups. Why are they constantly telling me that I do?

I voted for Trump.

I know, I’ve heard it all, trust me. Rapist, bigot, racist, but is that really how you see me? You’ve thought I was a racist since 5th grade?

A Trump victory just goes to show how much Americans hate being told what to do, what to buy and how to think. A Trump victory to us, lays directly at the feet of the media establishment who’s propaganda is exactly what divides us.

They were all wrong weren’t they? All the polls, the opinions, all the commentary, they didn’t have a clue. They all got it wrong.

But does anyone know the real reason why? Well, I’ll tell you.

They all got it wrong because they don’t know us like they think they do. They don’t know you either. More importantly, they don’t know us like they “tell you” we are – and that’s the key.

These are all the things those of us who voted for Trump have seen and been aware of for decades.  We see how it divides us.

We already knew the polls were wrong. We filled stadiums like we’ve never done before and what resulted is the biggest election upset in what some say in history. We equally dislike republicans and democrats alike.

If I could see difference in us, I suppose it would probably be that some of us question authority, where some of us just don’t ever question it at all. Some just always go along with whatever they’re told, with whatever is imposed on them and with whatever is said to them on TV.

We don’t.

We hate that. We despise it and we hate it on both sides of the isle.

We’re the kids who don’t want to stand in line. We don’t want to sit over there, we want to sit here. We don’t want to be forced, ordered, mandated or pushed around. Since you’re our friend, we don’t want anyone pushing you around either.

We question Trump too you know.

We will hold Trump so accountable to us, you better believe we will. We want what he said and if he doesn’t deliver, we will crucify him.

For us, a Trump victory lays directly at the feet of the the sneering, snotty coastal elites, and all the social justice warriors out there. You can’t tell me how to live my life.  You can’t mandate your opinions on me.

I don’t tell you how to live yours.

And you see, in that combination, you and I, those of my friends who have been friends for decades or so… my real friends, in all our differences we seem to have managed pretty well haven’t we.

I’ve never been forced to decide your abortion for you, or whether you should have insurance or healthcare. I’ve never mandated you to do anything for my friendship.

That’s called Freedom and it is my freedom. It’s yours too.

Those of us who voted for Trump just feel that you’ve bought into the lie a little too much and for way too long.  The TV has been the drug of choice for the worst form of propaganda against all of us. The propaganda that divides you and I.

When I never saw black, it told me to see black. When I never saw or cared if you were gay, it told me to care that you were gay.  When I saw no differences, it told me to see differences.  Me personally, I take myself away from all these “authorities” out there.

I separate myself from it.

A Trump victory stands for freedom of the mind.  You can’t force me to live my life or think a certain way.  You have no right to tell me how I live. That’s America. That is the land of the Free. That’s why you and I have been friends for so long.

Because we respect each other.

Now while no, I can’t speak for you or your friends, I can tell you this. I have met thousands and thousands of people in my life.

Filthy rich people with the most exquisite mansions and people dirt poor who live in public housing. On both sides they are my friends and they are all good people, even despite all their quirky quirks.

While I know this letter applies to me and all my friends, I have a sneaking feeling it applies to you and your friends as well. Who’s the racist, bigot rapist on your friends list? If you do have one, just a heads up, I don’t support them either.

Please don’t be the kettle calling the pot black. It’s this bigotry against rural America that is the very cause of small town USA rising up and saying ENOUGH!

Because if you remember, I never called you (insert racial slur) to begin with.



Your close friend.

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