13th Annual Regional Juried Exhibition

Freeport, Illinois – The 13th Annual Regional Juried Exhibition has been announced. The Freeport Art Museum is getting ready for a new and exciting exhibition.

This year’s exhibition will include some phenomenal artworks by several artists.

Held this year from November 11, 2016 – February 18, 2017, the Regional Juried Exhibition displays a wide range of contemporary art and offers artists from Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin the opportunity to debut their latest work.

The Freeport Art Museum welcomes renowned Chicago based artist Sergio Gomez, as this year’s juror and invites the public to join them for the opening reception from 5-8 pm and for the presentation of awards at 6:30 pm.

Freeport Art Museum 121 North Harlem Freeport, IL 61032

Exhibiting Artists:

  1. Andros,Pamela: Ever Present
  2. Apgar,Jean: Bountiful Summer
  3. Baxter,Nick: Left Behind
  4. Brown,Sara Slee: Moon Rise Diner
  5. Davis,Jim: Fog, Tree, Sunrise
  6. DeWitt,Doug: Delineation
  7. Dierker,Mark: Eagle Rock Meteor
  8. Geary,Joan: Red Dawn 
  9. Haghighi,Sarvin: So Love Begins
  10. Hamilton,Carol: Vesit
  11. Hauptschein,David: The Ghost of Chang and Eng
  12. Hazeltine,Eric: Composition III & Composition V
  13. Isacson,Kathleen: Restraint
  14. Jensen,Stephen: Submerged and Displaced
  15. Johnson,Katsy: Hot Dog Au Naturel
  16. Kaiser Smith,Yvette: From the number e
  17. Krueger,Deanna: Palici & Thalassa
  18. Lesperance,Cindy: Broken Too & Touch : Black
  19. Leveille,Bert: beyond the blue door
  20. Lipman Shechter,Judy: Prey
  21. Logsdon,Bob: San Francisco de Asis Church
  22. Ludeke,Jeanne: Pictures
  23. Madeska,Benjamin: Bowl of Water
  24. Mantey,Carol: Face It
  25. Meister,Janice: A Reverse Course to Forage
  26. Mezo,Taylor: Untitled 1&2
  27. Mitchell,Leah: Self Portrait: the Artist as an Astronaut
  28. Nitsche,Paul: The Ephemeral Knot
  29. Pinzarrone,Paul: SEATED LIBYAN SIBYL RED
  30. Robbins,Gina: Armed on Pulaski & Pyrrha’s Offering
  31. Roman,Kathleen: Enso No.1 (Genesis 2001)
  32. Scott,Kathryn: Alone
  33. Shriver,Elizabeth: Fluted Vase 
  34. Spahn,Dan: ‘Home Enema’ & ‘Jihadi Truffle Hunt’
  35. Spidale,Frank: Summer, Des Plaines River
  36. Stahr,Rebecca: Whispers of the Unspoken
  37. Stringer,Randal :Self
  38. Tajlili,Daniel: Fulfilled Fortitude
  39. Vietmeyer,Linda: Best Friends
  40. Wark,Candace and Shirley Nannini (Wind Flow Photography): Waves In Blue 8
  41. Williams,Zachary: ‘As We Attempt to Reassemble’ 
  42. Wilson,Sandra: Traveler
  43. Simone and Max: Waiting

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