And All This Time We Thought Police Officers Only Liked Donuts

Freeport, Illinois — You know all those rumors about police officers eating donuts all the time? Well, turns out that police officers, (like us) also love something else.


Yeah, who would have guessed, right? Not only do they love pizza, they also love getting together with the citizens of Freeport at Conversations Over Pizza.

Crazy huh.

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You know what, it’s a good time too. We’ve been there. We’ve been to pretty much every single one of them and you guess it, they have another one coming up.

It’s a time together in a relaxed setting to have a little dinner, (some great local pizza) and talk openly about how the community and police can work together. To talk about why they don’t and to discuss ways they can.

It’s not an investigation or some weird opportunity for the police to find people to arrest. It’s dinner with some community people who all want the best for everyone.

To tell you the truth, we think the officers would rather not ever have to arrest anyone, if you want our opinion. Seems to be the goal to us anyway.

So on Wednesday, January 18th at 5:00 pm. come out to Carl Sandburg Middle School. The school is located at 1717 W. Eby St./ Freeport and well, it’s a school so you can’t really miss it.

Oh and another thing, the folks who run Conversations Over Pizza said they’d like to keep C.O.P. moving around to different areas of the city.

They said if your organization is interested in hosting a conversation over pizza, please feel free to contact them at 815-232-4171 ext 1022.


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