Control – In The 21st Century

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you never had to TRY to control people, places, situations in life?

I’ve learned over the years that we as humans have a past wound that leaves us bitter. Families fighting for control, goverments fighting for control. Everybody’s fighting.

Now FORGIVE. It dosent mean the person or situation that caused the pain gets off scott free. Forgiving means YOU CHOSE NOT TO LIVE IN ANGER (BONDAGE) any longer. You free yourself from the control your anger has over you.

Control has really been the ILLUSION all along. Can you perfectly control your toungue? I know I can’t at times. (Yelling at my cat Thomas).

  • Love is opposite of control. Love has no bounds. Can’t be a slave. Love is something we give freely without expecting anything in return. And if we get love in return, it’s meant to be.
  • Love can and has changed the world over, love forgives, love does not take account of your mistakes, love understands.
  • Love your neighbor (anyone that’s not you) as you love yourself.

How’s your love for yourself today?

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