Downtown Living – It’s The Place You Ought To Be

Freeport, Illinois – As most of you know we love so many parts of Freeport. Street after street for nearly half a century we’ve walked, taken bike rides, driven past and have been in so many beautiful homes and living spaces in the city.

Randy Skeens, owner of This Is It Eatery and Eats and Sweets Coffee & Cafe in downtown Freeport, recently posted a photo of the Piano Room in his downtown 7,400 sqaure foot apartment. (shown)

That’s right. Seven thousand, four hundred square feet.

If you’ve ever gotten curious as we have on occasion and wondered where certain celebrities live, you might find that a lot of celebrity homes don’t even match the size of what are truly beautiful downtown living spaces most people don’t even know exist in Freeport.

According to TMZ, Lady Gaga just purchased Frank Zappa’s old L.A. crib which is just 6,759 square foot. Her price? Over 5 million dollars.

Mel Gibson sold his Malibu Home which had 5,403 square feet of living space. The property was listed for $14.5 million.

Heidi Klum sold her and her husbands Beverly Hills home for $6.9 million. The house was 6,794 square feet. Even the home of Zsa Zsa Gabor was only 6,400 square feet. When she listed the home for sale it was listed at $15 million.

Now, we’re not trying to hint at the “Fabulous Lifestlyle of Randy Skeens”, we’re just making a simple point about downtown Freeport living and how elegant and beautiful some of it is. We are also pointing out the people who are living downtown making that happen.

Casey and Brenda Meyers own beautiful property downtown Freeport.

Amy Dreibelbis and her husband have a nice loft downtown. There are many others.

Randy told us, “everyone needs to know how beautiful most places are in downtown“. He said he’s had many people ask him why he wanted to live in downtown because, according to them “it was a slum” so Randy said, “that’s why I posted about lofts in our downtown“.

Dean Wright, executive director of the F.A.C.C in Freeport and part of the City Centre Freeport initiative said, “developing new upper floor loft apartments, living spaces, and work places is at the heart of the new downtown City Centre movement“.

He says that recruiting and empowering new visionaries are key to our downtown’s future.

Our view, we absolutely love to showcase a side of downtown you probably didn’t even know existed and to hint; if you’ve ever thought of a loft in downtown Freeport, you better buy now. There are several buildings for sale that would make great lofts or even a beautiful store front for your business. You could even use rent to help pay your mortgage.

Or, if you’re a celebrity looking to step up your lifestyle, looks to us like you could increase your living space for pennies on the dollar, plus, you’d get to hang out with some pretty rad Freeport peeps rockin a pretty awesome lifestyle.

Any celebrities want to move to Freeport?


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