Fitness Lifestyle’s 2016 List of The Best Fitness Apps

Freeport –  Here at Fitness Lifestyles we know that January is a time where everyone is thinking “Health & Fitness” but with so many options outside of the fitness club, people often ask, where do we begin? One of the best resources to help get you on the right track and stay on the right track believe it or not is in your pocket. That’s right, I’m referring to your smart phone.

With so many different fitness apps out there it can be difficult to find the one that best fits your needs so, the staff here at Fitness Lifestyles compiled a list of some of 2016’s Best Fitness Apps on the market.

Nike + Training Club
5-star review
Cost: $0
Think of this app as your personal trainer. It will challenge you with workout plans that are designed for your goals and fitness level while giving you a visual of how to execute the workouts.

Fitocracy: Workout, Exercise, Log, and Personal Trainer
4.5-star review
Cost: $0
Work with expert trainers who will help you reach your fitness goals. Track your workouts, gain access to free workouts, and stay connected with the Fitocracy community.

Carrot Fit: 7 minute Workout, Step Counter, and Weight Tracker
4.5-star review
Cost: $2.99
This app will do whatever it takes to get you moving. It will lead you through “7 minutes in Hell” requiring you to do 30 seconds of 12 punishing exercises.

JEFIT Workout: Free Personal Exercise Trainer
4.5- star review
Cost: $0 or $4.99 for Jefit Pro
Get back in the gym and improve your life with this personal trainer in your pocket. Jefit tracks how much weight your lifting, your reps, and sets while giving detailed instructions, workout plans, logs, and timers.

Lifesum: Healthier Living and Better Eating
4- star review
Cost: $0
This weight loss app assesses your daily calorie intake, puts together meal plans, detailed exercise tracking, and even reminders to drink more water. It even scans barcodes to pull up nutritional data.

IMG_4987RunKeeper: GPS Running, Walk, Cycling, Workout
4-star review
Cost: $0
This app is good for beginner runners and those training for a marathon. The app uses GPS to map your runs, while logging your speed and distance. Users set goals, then receive audio updates on distance and time during your run.

Apps can make a great addition to a regular workout. We here at Fitness Lifestyles are always looking for effective ways to keep our customers healthy and happy. During the month of January we are offering a special discount also. A single membership is only $27.50 per month. We also have reduced rates in January for couples and families.

If you have any questions about the apps listed or about some of the many services we offer, give us a call. Our staff is always here for your health needs.  815-233-2292

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