Freeport Chosen To Participate In US Cellular Decibel Level of The Crowd Contest Entitled Battle of the Stands

Freeport has been chosen to participate in a US Cellular contest entitled “Battle of the Stands”. Eight schools across the country are vying for the $25,000 prize. If we are fortunate enough to win, the prize money will be split among the 10 attendance centers in our district, with each school receiving $2,500.

The contest kicks off at the Pretzel high school football game this Friday, where US Cellular representatives will measure the decibel level of the crowd during the varsity game. The school receives points for each decibel level recorded during the cheers. We then have one week (October 23 – 29) to add to the decibel points by voting on a website ( This is where the vast majority of the points are generated. Each participant that votes will add 3 decibels to our total. Participants must enter their name, email address, birthdate and select the box indicating the rules were read. Individuals must be 13 or older to vote.

There will be a final boosting period beginning on November 6 and ending on November 12. This period will be designated as “Hail Mary Week”. During “Hail Mary Week”, each school will get another chance to register and record additional decibel points. This period allows anyone that voted before to register again. Our school’s points can be viewed at any time on the website to follow our progress. At the end of the challenge period, the school with the greatest points will be declared the winner. Freeport School District is not affiliated with US Cellular. There is no obligation to purchase any US Cellular services and participants will not be subject to solicitation.

To put it simply, here are 3 ways to help FSD win $25,000:

  1. Participate in the “Cheer Activity” at the varsity football game this Friday. The decibel reading of the crowd will start off our school’s votes.
  2. During the week of October 23 – 29, vote for Freeport Schools at You need an email address to vote.
  3. Vote again during the week of November 6 – 12.

Please vote and help us to promote this contest among our community!

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