“I’m so Freeport” Touches Thousands of People Who Love Freeport, Illinois – But Why?

Freeport, Illinois — Have you noticed anything different over the past two years? Something passionate, outspoken and loud about the city of Freeport, Illinois?

Have you noticed the conversation getting stronger and stronger from so many people who live here now, or once lived here before?

We sure have and it’s a noise that can almost better be described as a constant hum.

Like a power plant or a hidden source of energy, you can almost feel its heartbeat and hear its constant buzz. It’s a feeling of “something is about to explode” and “the people are ready for something big” and we think when it does, Freeport folks are going to go completely nuts.

Fact is, there’s a whole lot of Pretzel Passion in the air and tens of thousands of people are talking about Freeport, loving on Freeport and remembering Freeport.

It’s a great time for the city and for all of us who hold a special place in our hearts for this little pretzel town of ours. The spirit is stronger than we’ve seen in decades and perhaps, stronger than ever before.

Over the past week since last weekend though, a new phrase swept Freeport.

A phrase that went viral reaching people all throughout the country and a phrase that had people talking everywhere, about all the wonderful memories they have of Freeport, Illinois.

I’m so Freeport

Just three simple words that provoke city pride and one’s own individual history in the city.

Three words that made us feel proud of where we’ve come from and of what we remember, did or enjoyed in Freeport. There’s even a Facebook page dedicated to I’m so Freeport.

I’m so Freeport I remember when the Lincoln Mall was the place to be or, I’m so Freeport I remember when we would sneak into the Bemis Drive In. All weekend long and all throughout the week we’ve all seen the posts.

I’m so Freeport…

But how did it start? Where did this “I’m so Freeport” actually come from?

Well, we’re not sure. We’d like to say that one of our creative citizens came up with it, or that we were the geniuses behind it but we think it actually started because of another city named Freeport.

Either Freeport, Bahamas or Freeport, New York.

There’s even a few Freeport, Florida “I’m so Freeport” comments.

People in those ‘Freeport’s’ were doing the same thing over the weekend that we were doing and by the looks of it, they have been since way back in 2014 and 2015.

In 2014 Mark Williams of Freeport, NY said: I’m so Freeport I remember Friday nights going to the Rec to ice skate at around 7 & The struggle of finding a ride there and back.

There was even one from Freeport, Florida.

Omar Garcia said: I’m so Freeport, I got married at the Duck Pond!  That was said in 2014 also.

Ahmad Walker of Freeport, Bahamas said: I’m so Freeport I remember when the Queen came to visit and there was a parade in her honor.

Although differing cities, the pride felt by the phrase was just the same. But it appears the momentum of so many other Freeport’s, is what spilled off into our Freeport, creating this viral “I’m so Freeport” landslide.

So what were people of Freeport, Illinois saying as to why “they” were ‘so’ Freeport? We’ve complied a list of some of best ones circulating the Internet. We listed them below.

Here’s what other people said as to why they are “so Freeport”.

  • Willie Bain said: I remember Freeport High Field was the meca for island sports
  • Nick Jupin said: I’m so Freeport I chose to bet my life savings on its economy
  • Ketina Green said: I’m so Freeport I remember structo picnics in krape park
  • Laura Helman said: I’m so Freeport I remember open campus in High School
  • Valarie Kubatzke said: I’m so Freeport I remember the Sullivan being the Benni’s drive inn
  • Claudia Wenzel‎ said: I’m so Freeport, I remember Jeanne’s Tots and Teens store on South street. I’m so Freeport I remember the trampoline (park?) right next to the store.
  • Fantrances Terry said: I’m so Freeport I remember the Miss Black Freeport Pageant
    • I’m so Freeport I remember in the summer all the kids went to all the churches vacation Bible schools. We rotated! Lol!
    • I’m so Freeport I remember when the Freeport High School cheerleaders had the big pom-poms, the Friday pep rallys, and I still know the words to the original Pretzel fight song!
    • For those of you who are sick and tired of the, “I’m so Freeport” posts….,just keep scrolling. We’re having a great time!
  • Ketta Harston said: I’m so Freeport I remember we use to have A&W. I use to love their milkshakes and shakes.
  • Tom Boland said: I’m so Freeport I remember Dog & Suds
  • Jeffrey Phen said: I’m so Freeport I’ve moved away 10 times and keep coming back!
  • Mark Allen Buus said: I’m so Freeport I remember DRIVING over the Van Buren bridge.
  • Randall Stampfli said: I’m so Freeport I remember the old bridge on Stephenson street
  • Michelle D. Charles-Griggs said: I’m so Freeport, I remember walking over the train trestle from the east side to the west side in the summer!
  • Debbie Schmelzer Yoder‎ said: I’m so Freeport, I remember the busy downtown streets with Woolworth, Sizzle shop, Fullerton Bakery, Grants, Garrity Drugs, Spurgeons, Lanes, Emmert Drugs, Gambles, Kresge’s, CH Little’s, Gambles, Army Surplus, E&W Clothing, Crawfords, Leath Furniture, State Theatre, Hansey’s, Patio Theatre, Unemployment Office, Ruhl’s, Rothsteins, State Street Pizza (A1), Roy’s Fountain, Labor Hall, Youngs, Montgomery Wards, True Value, Freeport Lunch, Star Bowl, Race-A-Rama, and so many more
  • Laura Helman said: I’m so Freeport I remember sketti basketti
    • I’m so Freeport I remember having two movie theaters
  • Brad Jacobs said: I’m so Freeport I still miss EarWax records.
  • Todd Stein said: Im so Freeport I used to drag race on lamb road, burnouts behind krape park and bare ass beach! Oh dont forget. Mr.Ds roadhouse 4 nites a week.
  • Alan B Fleming said: I’m so Freeport I remember when any Grown up in the community could “check you” and you BET NOT say nothing back.
    • I’m so Freeport I remember Green’s and Terhark’s music stores.
  • Jon Eastlick said: I’m so Freeport I moved there from 2 different continents and still live there!

We hope you enjoyed the many trips down everyone’s personal “Freeport” lane as much as we did. It was sure nice to watch so many people talk about the many fun experiences Freeport has offered to them personally.

Never know though. Maybe we can come up with a new phrase to even top this one.

“It’s a Freeport Thing”?

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Stay tuned.



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