Kent State Gun Girl Sees The Light, Loves Joe Biden Now

Kaitlin Bennett doesn’t like Donald Trump anymore. Nope. She even said so.

The once AR-10 toting college girl who gained recognition for open-carrying an AR-10 rifle at Kent State University after graduating said she has “seen the light” in her latest video shared with her 1.2 million combined YouTube and Facebook subscribers.

“I decided I would take the advice of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and I spent the last few weeks away at Jack Dorsey’s camp for conservatives re-educating myself what an awful President Donald Trump was, how hateful I am, and what a glorious leader Joe Biden will be”, Bennett notes. “I used to support traditional values and think there were only two genders and think that America should put America first. I had a disease but now i’m better. Now I think there are 83 genders, and I think Joe Biden is more catholic than the pope.”


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