Logan’s Bar & Grill Employee ‘Korrie Harnish’ Makes Our Person of the Week

Freeport, Illinois — There’s one thing in life we hear an awful lot about but it’s another to find people who actually live it. That thing — is being compassionate towards all those around us regardless of age, sex, nationality, race, creed or life situation.

It’s easy to talk the talk. It’s not so easy to ‘walk the talk’.

A couple days ago in Freeport, Illinois however walking that talk is exactly what one Logan’s Bar & Grill employee did, when an older woman came into Logan’s to enjoy dinner.

If you’ve ever been in Logan’s before then you know, it can get really busy at times.  With hundreds of people and just a few servers, it’s a hard job (to say the least) to provide great service to so many people.

However on this one particular night, one woman stood out to server Korrie Harnish. While most of us think of dinner as a time with family or friends, this dinner was a dinner alone.

This past Sunday a woman by the name of Betty came into Logan’s for dinner.  Korrie noticed the woman come in and sit down at a table by herself.

In just a simple gesture after seeing Betty alone, Korrie made the decision to go and sit with her just to keep her company as she enjoyed her dinner. The simple photo below captures the moment perfectly.

korrie harnish sits with elderly woman for dinner

We’re not sure how it is where you live but in Freeport, some people take Monday’s off.

Some say ‘no’ to working on the weekends and many of our small businesses even close for the holiday’s so their employees can have time off with their families too.

Maybe we’re learning something here.

Maybe, just maybe, we’re learning that things aren’t as important as we’ve been told they are.  Maybe we’re learning that relationships and people are the road to true happiness.

We don’t know.

What we do know is that when a day comes where friendships trump greed and where just having dinner with someone sitting by themselves makes the days headlines, it is certainly a step in the right direction.

Thanks to one employee of one of Freeport’s well loved small businesses, even if that thought is just a dream, it’s a dream we all get to share together.

So nice job Korrie Harnish. Nice job taking that extra step to show someone you care about them.

It didn’t go unnoticed.



Korrie Harnish… you’re the sweetest!!! This little lady felt bad for one of our regulars because she was eating dinner…

Posted by Michelle Marie on Saturday, April 22, 2017


“The Master said, “The gentleman understands what is right, whereas the petty man understands profit.”
― Confucius

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