Pearl City Teens Caught Paying It Forward

Pearl City, Illinois — When Vicki Fischer of Pearl City started having back problems she never imagined the day would come when she would be “ordered” not to shovel.

With all the snow our region has received in the past few weeks not shoveling was just not an option. But Vicki went in for an MRI this week and her doctors said, no can do on the shoveling.

“I am ordered not to shovel for right now”, Vicki told us.

Well, word must have gotten around (you know how those small towns are) and before Vicki knew it, her shoveling worries were over. Seems like some of her neighbors were up to something.

But not just any neighbors. Kids.

Teenagers who most people think are only worried about girls, pizza and how many 3-pointers they can hit on the basketball court.

But not these teens.

Logan White, (son of Benchwarmers fame Eric White) Brock and Braden Smargiassi even the two Fischer boys Skyler and Austin had something else up their sleeves and with a quick look out the window, Vicki discovered that her driveway and walks were all completely cleared for her.

These young men payed it forward and shoveled Vicki’s driveway so she didn’t have to worry about it.

“Very fortunate to have such good young men to help me with shoveling”, Vicki said.  “I have been struggling with my back for a while now and these kids came to the rescue.”

So the story ends as most our stories do, it’s the people isn’t it. People are what matter and sometimes in life it’s just those little things we do.

Little things that make a person smile, laugh again or just feel good inside knowing there’s someone else out there who’s willing to help where they can.

Afterall, while no, it may not be a big story, isn’t that really what the holiday spirit is all about anyway?



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