Throwback Thursday – Who Remembers Nate Johnson?

Freeport, Illinois — Throwback Thursday – Who Remembers Nate Johnson?

nate-johnsonNathaniel Elijah Johnson was born in 1920 and played for the New York Yankees (AAFC) in the years 1946, 1947, the Chicago Rockets in 1948, the Chicago Hornets in 1949 and in 1950 he played in the NFL for the New York Yanks.

A truly stand up guy, most probably remember Nate however as Coach Nate, or as Drivers Education teacher, Nate.

Nate Johnson coached football at Freeport High until the late 1970s and after coaching, he continued to teach physical education and driver training until he retired in 1986.

Nate Johnson passed away in 2004 but stands as another example of the type of people past, present and future that have made Freeport unique.



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