Today’s Question of The Day – Outsourcing The City of Freeport’s Legal Department

Today’s Question of The Day – What Do You Think About The City Council’s Decision To Outsource The City of Freeport’s Legal Department? Some say that any time you can outsource government work, you normally will save money in the long run, while others say you just can’t get the same legal performance with a 3rd party because they are “out of office”. Council members approved an ordinance to outsource the city’s legal department on Monday in a 6-1 vote. What are your thoughts? Chime in.

Some comments have been;

Opinions are just that.. Opinions! Lets see the results from this change and then if we don’t like the results, we can change our approach.

More money going out of our community instead of staying invested in our community. Leadership needs to set an example by utilizing services we can get right here in our community.

It may end up working better in theory than in practice. What looks good on paper doesn’t always work in reality. Plus it’s another job lost in the city.

I think it’s a mistake and they will find more costs involved and non responsive results. If the council members were thinking this would allow for some free cash, I think NOT. Also, did they ask legal council if they would consider a wage decrease if they were looking to free up cash flow?

I hope it doesn’t go as badly as the situation with Honeywell outsourcing to India.

I dont think cost is the real issue.
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