Turning Frowns Upside Down, Angela The Freeport Walmart Greeter Is The Best

Freeport, Illinois — We don’t know about you but while we absolutely love the story of Walmart and Sam Walton, starting with a little store and all, the Walmart of today is a massive retail conglomerate. Even though we don’t mind making a trip into Walmart, we do have to admit we sometimes dread go in the store solely because of its sheer size.

It’s not every time you go to the store you want to run into someone you know.

Sometimes, you’re hoping you don’t see anyone and in Walmart, the odds of not running into someone (while you’re absent makeup, deodorant, pants…) are stacked pretty highly against you.

But no matter what your mood (or what you’re wearing) when you enter the Freeport Walmart store there’s one person who stands tall right there at the pearly retail gates, who’s sure to snap you out of whatever fuzzy mood you’re in.

Her name, is Angela. Angela is one of those rare examples of someone who is just always genuinely friendly to everyone.

She doesn’t care if you have your makeup on, if you’re in your pajama’s or if you’re dirty from working on the lawn on all day. She’s always right there to greet you with the most genuinely warm (and upbeat) greetings of perhaps anyone we have ever seen. (Absent of course another Walmart greeter.)

If anyone deserves a smile back and a friendly warm “happy holidays” from all of us, it would certainly be this Walmart greeter right here, Angela. If you see her, give her a hug, tell her hello, wish her a happy holiday and give a little bit of that love back.

And Angela, if you’re out there somewhere listening, just know this. If there is ever a day you think people don’t notice you or appreciate you, trust us, we not only notice, you completely warm our hearts.

Your smile and always friendly greeting, even when we may not feel up to entering your store, is a bright spot in our day. To tell you the truth, it’s actually a little happy spot in our life.

So Happy Holidays To You Angela. Thanks for welcoming us day in and day out with the same friendly you, that is you. You rock.


Now there’s a happy holiday smile. Who loves this greeter at Freeport’s Walmart? 🙂 Walmart started their Black Friday sales last night at 6 p.m. Anyone make it out?

Posted by Today In The Port on Friday, November 24, 2017


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