Grandma, We’re Having A 2017 Ugly Sweater Photo Contest

Freeport, Illinois — Face it, we all love to look at ugly sweaters. While we may not admit that publicly, secretly deep down inside we’re just hoping someone shows up to work wearing a sweater with dumbo ears dangling from it, lights blinking and we want to hear the sound of bells ringing every time they walk.

Bring on the ugly holiday sweaters we say.

So in light of our love for ugly sweaters, (and knowing of course that you probably own one (or five) of them yourself), we’re having an Ugly Sweater Photo Contest. Hang on to your knitting wheel grandma.

All you have to do is send in a photo of your ugliest sweater, (preferably you wearing your ugly sweater) to either of these two locations. And of course, we all know the word ugly doesn’t necessarily mean ugly because truth is, some of those ‘ugly’ sweaters are downright cute. So, ugly can mean cute too.

1. Send A Message To Today In The Port On Facebook
2. Email Your Ugly Sweater Photo To:

The deadline for submissions is December 24th, 2017 at midnight. (Because we all love to wear our ugly sweaters on Christmas Eve.)

For those who get ugly sweaters for Christmas this year, congratulations for one and two, just save it for next year. Odds are whoever gave you the ugly sweater is pretty proud of it, so no sense in ruffling any ugly sweater feelings at Christmas time so soon.

So get those ugly sweaters together and send in your photo. You can also come to Logan’s Bar & Grill this Saturday December 16th for their Ugly Sweater Party. Free Fall will be playing around 7:00 and judging happens at 9:30.

Prizes will be awarded to best individual, best couple and best group.

ugly sweater contest 2017

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