2019 Halloween Trick or Treat Hours For The City of Freeport

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS – Halloween trick or treating this year will be on Thursday, October 31st between the hours of 5:00 PM through 7:00 PM for the city of Freeport. These hours are advisory and children can legally trick or treat beyond these hours, as in past years.

Freeport motorists are cautioned to use special care on Halloween night, and to be on the look-out for children walking on roadways, medians and curbs, or darting out from between parked cars.

The city also offers several safety tips for parents:

  • Help your child pick out a costume that is safe. It should be fire retardant, and masks should allow unobstructed and peripheral vision. It also helps to have a costume that is highly visible in the dark.
  • Instruct children to cross on corners or within crosswalks – and always, look both ways before crossing.
  • Props that are carried should be smooth and flexible, so that if the child falls, they are not injured.
  • Re-teach your child about stranger-danger. Children should not get into an unknown car, regardless of what the adult says to them.
  • Know what route your children are taking if you are not with them. Instruct them to check in every half hour by texting, calling, or stopping home.
  • Set a curfew time, and make sure they know to contact you immediately if they expect to be delayed.
  • Explain the difference between “tricks” and vandalism. Throwing eggs, etc. can ruin Halloween for everyone.

Have a safe and happy Halloween this year.


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