A Star Studded Networking Event For Youth In Freeport This Sunday

Freeport, Illinois — Having access to successful people isn’t easily available to youth in Freeport. Being able to walk up and talk openly with someone who plays on a TV series or, who makes their living as a musician, dancer or getting to talk with a successful entrepreneur isn’t something Freeport kids have access to every day.

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The Non-Profit, “This Is Life”, started by Natalie Manning’s 11 year old son, hopes to give youth that experience this Sunday with a FREE event called Youth Lives Matter. Tons of very special guests, music, performances, food and networking opportunities for our youth of all ages.

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Here’s Natalie with her son (now 16) along with Malasia Jordan (who just opened a new business in the Lincoln Mall) to talk about this Sunday’s event.

The local expo is being held on the corner of Adams & Liberty in Freeport.


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