Freeport Public Library Announces Annual Lectures in American History Series

Freeport, Illinois — The Freeport Public Library has announced it will host its annual Lectures in American History Series this Winter. Kicking off the series with his lecture “‘The Benign Influence of Good Laws Under a Free Government’: The Presidency of George Washington, 1789-1797” will be Dr. Andy Dvorak

On Tuesday, February 27th. Dr. Dvorak will present an overview of the crucial two terms of our first president. Washington’s presidency set a large number of precedents that established practices that guide the United States even today.

Tuesday, March 6th will bring “We’ll Always Have Casablanca : A WWII Movie That Amounted to More Than a Hill of Beans,” given by popular lecturer Alan Wenzel. Immediately upon its release in December of 1942, Casablanca left an indelible mark on war-time American movie-going audiences who were crowding theaters to watch this timeless story of love, loss and sacrifice.

Rock Valley College professor Dr. Martin Quirk will visit on Monday, March 12th and share “In the Shadow of Vietnam: The United States Military in the 1970’s.” In this presentation, Dr. Quirk will address how these challenges were dealt with in the post-Vietnam era.

Local history teacher Mike Banghart will lecture on “Slave Revolts in the Early Republic” on Tuesday, March 20th. Mr. Banghart’s talk will explore the events leading up to and following a conspiracy to begin a slave rebellion in 1800.

On Thursday, March 29th, join retired Freeport Public Library Director Carole Dickerson for her lecture “From Manzanar to the Midwest.” This lecture discusses the internment of Americans of Japanese descent after the attack on Pearl Harbor, an action which is among the darker chapters of American history.

Local Historian Dr. Ed Finch will round out the lecture series on Monday, April 2nd with “100 Year on: World War I in Memory and History.” Dr. Finch’s presentation will focus on the impact that World War I had and the way that the United States incorporated the experience of the war into our history.

All lectures begin at 6:30pm and are held at the Freeport Public Library Meeting Rooms. These events are free and open to the public. Cookies and coffee are courtesy of the Freeport Public Library Foundation. Contact the library at 815-233-3000 for more information.


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