Getting Ready For The Weekend – September 2017 Weekend Events in Stephenson County, Illinois

[sg_popup id=1]Ah the weekend has arrived. Even if it hasn’t quite arrived yet, for those who love to get out and do things on the weekend this is the page for you. Below are the events and things to do that are going on every weekend this month in the Stephenson County, Illinois region.  Each week is divided by week and the events cover Friday through Sunday. Each month this page will display the weekend events for the entire month.

1st Weekend In September

[eme_events scope=2017-09-08–2017-09-10]

2nd Weekend In September

[eme_events scope=2017-09-15–2017-09-17]

3rd Weekend In September

[eme_events scope=2017-09-22–2017-09-24]

4th Weekend In September

[eme_events scope=2017-09-29–2017-10-01]

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