Little Cubs Field Gets Funds To Add 100 New Seats and Five Rows of Bleachers

little-cubs-fieldFreeport – Looks like the Freeport Community Foundation is at it again. Little Cubs Field visionary Denny Garkey and local contractor Mark Winter (shown) are seen accepting a grant check from Dan Schmitt of the Freeport Community Foundation for Little Cubs Field. The grant will be used to complete the construction of 5 rows of bleachers, 36 feet long, in left center field at Little Cubs Field, creating an additional 100 seats for events.
This will add another iconic feature of Wrigley Field to the venue.

Little Cubs Field Is An Exciting Destination In Freeport, Illinois, A Scenic And Historic Section Of Northwest Illinois Between Chicago And Galena.

A nearly exact duplicate of the Cubs’ Wrigley Field – on a much smaller scale – it provides a fun venue for people of all ages to enjoy America’s pastime. Though this “friendly confines” will not host major league games, it provides a place for baseball fans of all ages to experience the thrill of participating in a tournament or watching a game in a simulated major league setting.

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