Pearl City’s “Route No. 73 Brew & Chew” Hits Two Years In Business

Pearl City, Illinois – Nestled in the downtown streets of one of America’s small towns is sitting an entertainment and family dining destination we are proud to say is part of our community.

Two years ago Route No. 73 Brew & Chew open its doors at 201 S Main street in Pearl City, Illinois. and since that day people from all around the region have paid a visit.

I’m so happy with how things have been going with the place and how we have settled in as a company and within the community”, says Refat Hasankolli, one of the owners.  “It is so awesome to see people come in from cities/towns from all over and how impressed they are with the food”, he added.

Refat, (or Fät as the locals call him) told us a lot of people have suggested Route No. 73 Brew & Chew should be in Chicago or on Food Network they have enjoyed the place so much.

Route No. 73 Brew & Chew serves a full menu with local fresh handmade burgers & great craft beers. Fät told us that his sister Sylvia and him try and buy local food whenever possible and that they both believe very strongly in supporting local people and their community.

Fät says, “it is so humbling and means a lot to me and my staff, I do take a lot of pride in what I do whether it be performing on stage, creating dishes, or drinks“. He said, “it’s fun, it’s work, and it is my passion“.

So if you’re in the neighborhood, or are just passing close by, Route No. 73 Brew & Chew is definitely worth a trip. The hospitality, the food, the staff and the atmosphere make this a great small town destination the whole family, (even the kiddos) will enjoy.

Congrats to Sylvia, Refat and all the staff at Route No. 73 Brew & Chew on this milestone. We look forward to many more years ahead of your place in our community.


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