The Gyro Wars – Mort’s vs. 312 Beef & Sausage

Freeport, Illinois — If you happen to be anywhere within the area of Freeport or Stephenson county, unless you’ve been living under a rock your entire life, odds are you have heard of Mort’s Bar & Grill before. The little place situated in downtown Freeport is somewhat legendary.

Mort’s is a bar, bar. They serve beer. That’s just what they do. When you want to go have a beer, no matter where you start out at, you somehow through some magical unknown force, always end up going to Mort’s.

Along with your beer though, Mort’s serves up burgers, chops, pulled pork and other items too. Well today, they officially announced a friendly competition with the new kid up the street, by offering their Mort’s Gyro burger.

See, the new kid, is a kid straight out of Chicago it appears. Their name is 312 Beef  & Sausage and the way they roll is more Chicago style. They’re the new neighborhood Beef, Sausage and Hot Dog Joint located on Douglas street in Freeport and you guessed it, they serve gyros too. In fact, they sell so many Gyro’s that the last two times they offered them, they sold out in record time.

“312 Beef & Sausage, in downtown Freeport, runs hands down one of the best gyros around. And with a side of fresh cut fries, you can’t beat it”, Mort’s said today.  They added though, “For a different approach at the classic meal, and some friendly competition, today we offer our Gyro Burger. Grilled gyro meat, loaded on a classic Mort burger, topped with tzatziki sauce, tomato, and onion.”

Sounds like the challenge is on. (here are the standings as of Monday, April 16th)

morts and 312 gyro wars standing
It’s not really a competition when you love both places. 🙂

Mort’s vs. 312 Beef  & Sausage in the city’s first ever Gyro wars. Who will win? Who will serve up the community’s favorite tasting Gyro? Will it be Mort’s, or will it be 312 Beef  & Sausage?

Looks to us like you’re going to have to try them both and decide for yourself.

While you can’t get a beer at 312 Beef  & Sausage, you are going to feel like you stepped into a little piece of Chicago when you eat there, and when you’re at Mort’s, you’re going to know you’re in your hometown of Freeport, Illinois. You’re going sit there with your beer in one hand and that gyro burger in the other, and you’re going to feel proud to be an American.

Mort’s vs. 312 Beef  & Sausage Gyro Wars. Which Gyro is your favorite? You can vote below by clicking on the “Star” located at the bottom of each photo below.

312 Beef & Sausage is located at 116 W. Douglas street in downtown Freeport. Mort’s is located at 114 S Chicago Ave in downtown Freeport.

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