2017 Tour de Freeport Offers 10 Art Displays Along a 7 Mile Family Friendly Bike Ride Through The 3rd Ward

Freeport, Illinois — The second annual Tour de Freeport family bicycle ride and public art display will be held on September 16, 2017 in downtown Freeport at Tutty’s Crossing Trailhead on the Jane Addams Trail, 250 E. Stephenson Street, Freeport.  Registration begins at 9 am and the ride begins at 10 am.  There is no cost to participate in the ride.

Themed “Back to the Future,” this family-friendly 7 mile ride offers 10 art displays along the way.  Riders will travel along the route following a replica of the famous Back to the Future DeLorean car.  Included on the ride will be balloon backpacks, wall murals, a parklet, a TASK party, a dance interactive, art that activates, giant bubbles, historic art prints and a whole street masterpiece decorated by community artists.  The tour begins at Tutty’s Crossing and goes through the third ward of the City including the “Arcade” neighborhood, touring areas of the City that were instrumental in its history and development. The Tour is designed to showcase Freeport as a vibrant, historic and beautiful community and to engage participants in imagining the possibilities for the future of the community.

The 2017 Tour de Freeport is presented by the Freeport Art Museum in cooperation with the Freeport Downtown Development Foundation, the Freeport/Stephenson County Convention and Visitors Bureau, and All In Freeport and sponsored by local businesses.


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