Upward Bound Announces Summer Program of 2018

Freeport, Illinois — Upward Bound is excited for accepted Upward Bound students to join us for the Summer Program of 2018. In the Summer Program, Upward Bound students will attend pre-college practice classes at Highland Community College. The students get the chance to take fun and exciting class that will help prepare them for their careers as well as develop a better sense and understanding of the subjects they learn in their academic school year. This way, Upward Bound students are better prepared for their own college experience whether it is at a Community College or University.

The program details are as follows:

DATES: June 11th through July 19th (6-Weeks)
DAYS: Monday through Thursday
TIMES: 8:30 am to 2:30 pm
WHERE: Highland Community College

Students earn points throughout the 6-week summer program based on their behavior, participation, and respectfulness throughout the summer. They also earn a summer stipend of $60 which is also based off of the list above. The summer program is highly recommended for students to attend to help them have a better understanding of college campus understandings and concepts. Meals are provided for the students during a scheduled lunch time.

It’s important for the parents of the Upward Bound students to encourage them to attend the summer program to help guide them to new experiences. Understand that Upward Bound does want students to be as involved as possible this summer with other activities, but participation and attendance in the summer component is a vital part of the Upward Bound experience.

The students will be rewarded to go on a week long trip at the end of the Summer Program with Upward Bound. This trip is a FREE trip to students who demonstrated Upward Bound behavior and attended at least 80% of the 6-week Summer Program. The summer trip details are attached to this letter. The trip will be taking place July 22nd, 2018 through July 28th, 2018. Upward Bound students will be going on a college visit tour to Washington D.C., North Carolina, South Carolina, and Atlanta Georgia with activities and attractions included!

Upward Bound looks forward to having a fun time with students who are looking forward to their futures and wanting to get a head start on the college experience during the Summer Program of 2018!

Please call the Upward Bound office at 815-599-3588 with any questions or comments regarding the Summer Program.


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