Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa Businesses Can Now Get Their Own Branded News Channel To Promote Themselves

People From All Over America
Are Looking In On Your Region

Shouldn’t Your Business Be A Part of That?

Freeport, Illinois — The Freeport News Network Open Marketplace is a destination full of entertainment, stories, video segments, positive news, great people and it offers direct access to the many wonderful aspects our area has to offer. People from all over the city, county, region and from all across the nation are looking in. We would be proud to showcase the stories of your business to them.

Since November of 2015 Freeport News Network has had 7,932,105 (7.9 million) page views by a total of 1,255,756 (1.2 million) unique visitors. Our social media total reach has been 20,829,632+ (20.8 million) users with a total number of people who saw one of our posts at 14,09,4379 (14 million). Our total number of impressions have been over 36,821,462+ (36.8 million).

Now any business or individual who wants to bring in new customers from across the region can issue press releases, news stories, sales, promotions, commercials, ads, events or any other news or entertainment style information to the public, and get it broadcast to our entire audience with their own News Network Channel.

Reaching Millions of Unique People
Within Driving or ‘Clicking’ Distance

No matter where you look or where you turn, someone at some point has usually seen one of our broadcasts. Our special unique way of presenting our community is truly the key to our success. Broadcast by broadcast our viewers are engaged, talking and sharing the segments we bring to them. It’s a new unique new way of doing business and something about us you’re really going to love.

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Entire U.S. Reach

Entertain, Educate, Inform, Drive Sales And
Create Customer Excitement About Your Brand

It’s Your Network Now

With your own news channel on Freeport News Network you now have the opportunity to publish your news to our entire viewing audience.

With Your Own Network Channel You Can…

  • Air A Video
  • Broadcast A Fundrasier
  • Showcase Every Aspect of your Business
  • Give Benefits of (Your Product/Service) Segments
  • Announce A New Employee or Staff Member
  • Announce Events At Your Business
  • Do A Monthly Update
  • Do Your Own Daily News
  • Be That Crazy Local TV Guy
  • Start a Cooking Show
  • Start A Shopping Channel
  • Air Videos From Most Any Video Sharing Site.
    (No re-uploading videos!)
  • Air Your Weekly Specials
  • Start a TV Show
  • Publish Videos
  • Announce A Sale
  • Publish A Weekly or Monthly Column
  • Become An Author
  • Start Publishing Press Releases
  • Run An Ad And Sell Something
  • Advertise A Weekly Product Special
  • Announce A New Product Line That Came In
  • Publish Product Tips, Hints, How-To’s
  • Be A Featured Columnist or Writer
  • Publish Stories Anytime You’d Like

Now You’re A Destination

A media and information rich channel displays all the news and important information about you to potential customers and clients. People can reach out you in any way suits them, with links to all your social media pages.

Add a welcome video and your channel becomes a place to watch and tune in with a full description of your business and both your website, store and a direct link to your online contact page.

We’ll Help Them Find You

Your channel includes all the important contact and media rich information along with directions directly to your businesses front doors. We promote your channel internally to our viewers interested in coming to the region. People want to know how to call you, find you on the web, email you and how they can drive to you. (if you’re a physical location)

video on article 7

Enrich Your Channel With Video

No need to re-upload any videos from your social media pages. Just copy the link from either your YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook video (past or present) and you can include videos on your channel as well. There are placements for up to 7 videos on your channel alone. There are hundreds, if not thousands of placements available to you through our publishing feature within your channel however.

video on article 3

Always Something New

Don’t worry about your channel always looking alive if you use Facebook because your channel integrates with your Business or Group Facebook page to display your recent posts on your channel. No double typing, no re-posting or logging in, your Network Channel updates automatically for you. New people visiting can always see something new going on.


312 channel cover

You Have Publishing Power

Now You’re The News
So, What’s Your Story?

The real power of your own channel is its publishing power. Your channel allows you to publish your news along side the normal news stories we publish on a daily basis. You’re news isn’t just “out there somewhere”, it fits in and it looks like other news stories people are interested in. Since you too are a local or regional establishment, you’re news already fits with our viewers preferences perfectly.

You Already Fit In

The news you air here reaches a targeted audience. It’s news about the area and our viewers, from all throughout the country, love our local businesses and hearing about the region. Your news here is shown in similar and relative categories as to what your news is about. Not only is what you air available on your own channel, it also makes it to our mainstream viewer sections allowing your news to be seen throughout our entire network.

freeport health club channel cover
Your Business Byline

You’re the author now and as such, your byline is shown below your articles. Anyone who reads your news will see this. You have control over your byline, your logo and all of your information via your own Network Channel.

Our Most Popular Sections

Because your news channel interacts within our network, you can now take advantage of special placement locations on some of our most popular sections. You pick the category from our categories, so if you’re in entertainment, you could literally be the top entertainment destination on the network. The same opportunities applies to all businesses.

Categorized, Regional Content

As a bonus, your news might also be featured on the home page, other internal pages, on a side menu of the website, the bottom of the website, or your news may appear as a recommended article by other news on the network.

Enrich Your News With Images And Video

Along with the videos on your channel, you can publish news with videos as well. Your news can  show videos from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and other video hosting sites. You can embed content in your news to display Twitter posts, Facebook posts and other social media posts . You could host your own TV show and be featured in our Watch Now section. No need to re-upload any videos. Just copy and paste the link to your existing video.

business is the news 4

Benefit From Our Social Media

In addition to Freeport News Network another brand of ours is Today In The Port. We will air stories and news along with other items from time to time on our social media pages(s) that you publish here. The more creative you are and the more consistent you publish news is usually what always wins a consistent airing on social media.

business is the news 6

Our Viewers Would Love To Meet You

We’re local people too and we love covering events, talking with others and really getting people engaged with what you’re doing. We’d love to come by on occasion and see what you’re doing, meet your customers and perhaps do something fun together. Let do a segment on your business and showcase you. Our viewers would love to hear about what you do.

Cool Network Bonuses

    • We may feature you on our home page.
    • We may do a feature on you if you’re in the region.
    • If you’re creative, you might be in one of our shows.
    • Freedom to publish news, stories and rich content 24 hours a day.
    • Your news gets published on your channel and on our entire network.
    • We share your news with our social media outlets and partners.
    • You may be a top story or make our special segments.
    • You can publish one thing or a thousand things.
    • You have the freedom to truly engage an audience through their many interests.
    • We’ll help you all along the way.

Getting Started Is Easy

    • After your order you will be given a register screen to create your own channel.
    • Setup is super easy, no special skills to manage your channel or news.
    • You can literally begin immediately after payment is made.
    • We’re always here to answer your questions.

Unleash The Power Of
Your Own News Channel
For Only $199/mo

We care about providing quality news, information and valuable entertaining content to our viewers. We are a news and entertainment network and pride ourselves on the content we bring to our audience. We would be proud to showcase the stories of your business.

Go Monthly

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