LIVE Drone Footage Of The Flooding In Freeport

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — We took a trip today to Freeport’s east side of town with local drone pilot Mike McLain to bring you LIVE coverage of what some of the flood waters look like in Freeport, Illinois as of this Saturday March 16, 2019.

At 2:30 PM today the stage was 15.7 feet and steady. Flood waters are foretasted to rise to 16.9 feet Monday evening. Confidence is high on reaching 16.5 feet with the possibility of the crest exceeding 17 feet.

There is currently a Flood Warning in effect, issued March 16 at 4:01PM CDT until March 23 at 7:00PM.

Coverage begins at around 4:55 in the segment below.

[srizonfbvidsingle id=2417940214892416]

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