What School Officials Do On Minus -55 Degree No School Days

What do you do. It’s minus 25 degrees outside with a wind chill of minus 47 and as you look out your kitchen window just to see how the day is shaping up, all you can see for miles and miles is the frigid, cold, familiar landscape of Alaska.

And you don’t live in Alaska.

But you do work for a school and the school today is closed. The town you live in said on the news last night, “yeah, probably not today folks“. Everything is shut down. Worse, the kids are all gone, there’s no one to play with and now, you’re bored. Really bored.

Oh what to do.

Well, we can all thank our lucky cold weather stars for this one because two Freeport, Illinois school staff personnel did exactly what anyone else would do in their situation when they’re bored, they broke out in song.

And thanks to that fancy new modern technology called the internet out there, everyone in the studio audience is going home with a copy of the principle’s song right now, today.

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