$1,761.05 of Initial Goal of $12,000 Raised To Build BMX / Skateboard Park In Freeport

Freeport, Illinois — June 30, 2017 — Located right next to Union Dairy in downtown Freeport is PHK Bicycles & Skateboards and the owner of this downtown retail business has a vision for this entire corner. PHK Bicycles is on a mission to build Freeport, Illinois first BMX / Skateboard park.

As of last week PHK announced they have raised $1,761.05 of their initial goal of $12,000. Owner Peter Kanzler of PHK Bicycles & Skateboards says his vision is to make the entire corner from PHK Bicycles to the Union Dairy come alive again with two family friendly hangout spots full of things to do.

PHK Bicycles is an American Veteran owned company who’s mission is to offer high quality hand made bicycle frames and top of the line professional repairs. They offer a mobile service too, which means they’ll come right to you.

“We believe in Freeport and our number one mission is to give back to the local community”, Kanzler said.  “Many have made a contribution by donating to the GoFundMe account we started, purchased a T-Shirt, and purchased some BMX / Skateboard inventory.”

Because of the commitment to the project and the community’s support PHK is now committed to give 100% of all the profit sold in their store towards the first phase of the BMX / Skateboard park.

Kanzler says, “before you decide to buy online, ask yourself is the money you are spending going back into your community”. If not he says, then make your money count towards Freeport and shop PHK Bicycles.

You can learn more about the proposed BMX / Skateboard park by watching this video.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TlR7geyREM[/embedyt]



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