Bill Tillou – What is your defining moment?

Back in the 1980’s I decided to raise the bar and enter a bodybuilding contest where placing in the top five would have qualified me to compete in prestigious contests such as the AAU Mr America or AAU Mr USA.

But unfortunately I missed my mark.

As I walked out of that auditorium, I had the big pout going on. I thought to myself I hate this sport, I’ll never qualify for Nationals and I’ll go back to playing softball. I didn’t place in the top five so I went home without a trophy. All the hard training and strict dieting for months didn’t yield me the results I expected. As I tried to wrap all this around in my little pea brain, I then realized this was a defining moment in my bodybuilding career. It was time to poop or get off the pot.

We all have defining times in our lives where we step up to the plate and get the job done or walk back to the dugout after striking out. Maybe your overweight and are confused to know what to do about it. Or maybe you have a medical condition that needs to be corrected. Or maybe you just want to firm up a bit and look good. Many times opportunity knocks and we don’t answer. And sometimes opportunities disguise themselves as setbacks.

In these days of the internet and the information superhighway we are also in information overload. Ask 10 different people and you will get 10 different answers. Nowhere is this more prevalent than the fitness industry. So before you get too confused surfing internet sites with axes to grind come see us. We can “unconfuse” you with fact and we also have several plans to fit your goals, needs and budget. And if you follow our guidelines we guarantee your results.

So however your defining moment presents itself we have your back. Give us a call at 815-233-0066 or catch us on Facebook. We have competitive bodybuilders and power lifters here along with members who just want to lose a few pounds and tighten up a bit. We have helped a melting pot of people many who probably just wanted to give up but we got them through. Our prices are very competitive, we have personal trainers on staff for 68 hours a week and have been in business for 36 years.

And oh by the way I did end up qualifying for Nationals after over 20 years of competing. If the skinny kid from the cornfields of Northwest Illinois can do acheive his goals so can you. Stop in and meet me or Val another fine trainer who has 30 years of experience. You’l be glad you did!

Bill Tillou is the owner of Freeport Health Club and Freeport Health Club PLUS located at 18 W Stephenson St. in downtown Freeport, Illinois. He can be reached at (815) 233-0066 or via their website here.


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