Column: Any Journey Begins With A Single Step

It’s said that with any journey, all it takes is a single step to begin. It’s that way with every part of life. Going back to school, finding a better job, and yes, even with wanting to be healthier.

At Freeport Health Club+PLUS, we talk a lot about believing in oneself, remembering why one wants to make health-conscious decisions and what it takes to be successful. And it really does begin with that first step.

Sometimes the decision to eat better and exercise is because your doctor recommends it (high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.) or because of a special event coming up, like a wedding for example. We want to look fabulous in our dress or suit or we just want to live a longer but healthier life. Whatever your reasons are, it’s that first step that is the most important part of your journey.

Realistically, it can be difficult. For a lot of people it’s the reason they never start. And here’s why.

Inertia. Sometimes the strongest resistance when starting something new comes from resistance to change. If you have a routine, it can be difficult to do something different; especially if you are a creature of habit. Many of us are!

It’s much easier to come home from work and plop on the couch than drive to the gym and work out. The thing is, inertia works both ways. An object at rest usually stays at rest, while an object in motion tends to stay in motion. Once you take that first step, continuing seems much easier than it did when just thinking about it.

Failure is another concern. I mean really, who wants to fail? When our members come in and they’ve fallen off the wagon, they are told that as long as they know what they did or didn’t do, they know how to fix it. In reality, failure is necessary. It teaches us. It helps us to see a much clearer picture. Every failure leads to solutions that work best for you!

Sometimes we worry about the “what ifs”. What if I’m not able to do this? What if it’s too hard? What if I’m not good at it? Turn that around! What if I am able to do this? What if it is hard but I still am able to do it? What if I’m fantastic at it?

Being insecure makes starting anything difficult. Will people judge me if I can’t do it? Will I appear weak? The truth is, everyone feels that way at some point in their lives. Especially when trying something they haven’t done before or starting over with something they have. Join the club—and trust us when we say… It’s a BIG club!

This leads us to being afraid of commitment. At Freeport Health Club+PLUS, we recognize that motivation is one of the missing pieces to most weight loss programs. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people who know what you are trying to accomplish, who want to see you achieve your goals and who are on the same journey as you is key to your success.

That’s why we offering coaching when you join. We are here to encourage, educate and offer as much support as you need to succeed and to remain committed.

So do it. Whatever “it” is. Just start. Make that first move, take that first step. Nothing will change if you don’t do something different!

Right now we have a great fall special with your first and last month is free and 1 free personal training session. There’s never been a better time to take that first step!

Call Freeport Health Club+PLUS t 815-233-0066, ext. 2 for more information. No pressure! Just information, encouragement and understanding!

Carol J Krupke
Freeport Health Club+PLUS



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