Domino’s Teams Up With Ford To Create Self Driving Pizza Delivery Car

Ann Arbor, Michigan — Domino’s has teamed up with Ford to create a self-driving pizza delivery car that will be tested in Michigan to help the company better understand how consumers respond to and interact with automated technologies.

Customers in the Ann Arbor, Michigan-area will be selected to have the option to accept pizza deliveries from the specially designed Ford Fusion Hybrid autonomous research vehicle. A Ford engineer will be at the wheel but the windows will be blacked out so the customers won’t be able to see the driver. A team of researchers will also be accompanying the deliveries to take notes on the pizzas’ progress.

Instead of a human actually ringing the door people, customers will have to come out of their homes and type a unique four-digit code into a keypad mounted on the car to access their pizza from the rear window. But that, says Weiner, is likely a temporary solution.

The car itself contains a heated compartment that can carry up to four pizzas and a handful of sides.


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