Former Cub Foods Store Manager, Kurt Steffen Returns To Freeport Store

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — Good News for Freeport. While we know there have been a lot of rumors circulating about Cub Foods in Freeport over the past few months, here’s one rumor we know for sure to be true.

Former Cub Foods store manager, Kurt Steffen has returned to Freeport to man at the helm once again.

In 2011 Steffen was given the Farrington Leadership Award, an honor given to the top Cub Foods store manager in the country. Now he’s back in Freeport managing the Cub Foods store. We’re told Steffen returned to the store yesterday to a very happy crew.

One person said, “This is the best news! An after Christmas Miracle. He has his work cut out for him to bring the store up to the quality it was when he left. This is awesome!”

“Kurt is awesome”, said another.

We’ll stop into the store here and catch up. Welcome back Kurt.

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One thought on “Former Cub Foods Store Manager, Kurt Steffen Returns To Freeport Store

  • January 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

    Kurt is what made us Cub Foods in Freeport, I knew he couldn’t stay away for along… The truth i He missed us and much as he missed him… Thank you for our late Christmas gift… and Happiest New Year Ever…. Donna


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