Greater Freeport Partnership Executive Director Resigns

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — In a news release put out this morning by the Greater Freeport Partnership it has been announced that current, and now former, executive director of the partnership Rebecca Motley has resigned effective August 22.

It was May of last year when Motley took the helm at the newly formed combined economic development platform rolled out by the city.

Greater Freeport Partnership combined former community development organizations such as Northwest Illinois Development Alliance, the Freeport/Stephenson County Convention and Visitors Burueau, the Freeport Area Chamber of Commerce and the Freeport Downtown Development Foundation all into one.

The partnership stated this morning they have initiated an executive director search to find a replacement.

“In the meantime, we have full confidence in the Greater Freeport Partnership team to fulfill the day to day and ongoing needs of our members”, they said. Tess Dahm, who has served as the assistant executive director, will assume the role for the interim period, according to their release.

At 12:45 am this morning WREX published an aritcle titled “Greater Freeport Partnership aims to improve unemployment rate”.

In it states the partnership is collecting as much information as it can about unemployment, poverty, education and much more to build a better future for Stephenson County. Motley is quoted as saying “This information will give us the basis for good decision making”.

The article goes on to say that Freeport’s unemployment rate jumped to 5 percent in June while the state’s sat at 4.3 percent. “The Greater Freeport Partnership says it hopes by learning more about who lives in the region, it can learn more about what businesses it can attract to Stephenson County.”

We did reach out to Rebecca Motley for comment, but hadn’t heard back at the time of this release.


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