Hooray, The Historic Union Dairy To Open 7 Days A Week

Freeport, Illinois — May 22, 2017 — With tons of summer events planned and first Friday family flicks, just the fact that Union Dairy is open again for the 2017 summer is some pretty fun and exciting news all by itself. But coming up next week is something even more exciting.

Starting Memorial Day our famous downtown Freeport destination, Union Dairy will be open 7 days a week.  We can hardly contain ourselves.

See Union Dairy has been in Freeport since 1914. It’s a Freeport tradition. Heck, it’s an American Tradition.

union dairy 1

The Union Dairy reflects upon a simpler time that many people, refer to as the goode ole days. Nothing ever changes in an old fashioned parlor.

Like the ice cream stored there, there is also a certain magic that lingers. It shines in children’s smiles at the first lick of ice cream, and it twinkles in the eyes of the old at the preparation of their favorite treat.

No matter how old you are, the magic is captivating.

union dairy 2

In the earlier days, the Union Dairy became a very popular place for many Freeport residents to obtain quality ice cream. Many of the recipes were created by some of the innovative employees of that time.

The most popular flavor invented at the dairy was Orange Pudding which is still a classic today.


So mark your calendars because this Memorial Day 2017 Union Dairy will be open 7 Days a Week from 11am – 10pm. That means you can get your famous ice cream fix pretty much anytime you’d like.

The Union Diary is located at 126 East Douglas in of course, beautiful Freeport, Illinois. If you’d like to call the Union Dairy you can reach them at 815-232-7099.

See you there!


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