Lena’s Memory Filled Roller Rink, The ‘Skate Station’ Celebrates 25 Years

Lena, Illinois — When it comes to activities that we’ve all tried at least once in our lives, roller skating is definitely an activity that ranks high on the list. For most people, their lives are filled with memories of roller skating.

I was only a kid when the roller disco craze swept the continent, a time when my life was consumed by Star Wars, Atari games and sneaking into dimly lit, smoke-filled video arcades where my quarters lasted only a few tantalizing minutes.

When the roller rink came around what we found inside was a fabled warehouse of sights and sounds that became etched into memory like the grooves on a Bee Gees album. (Albums were large round vinyl discs we called records back in the day). The multi-colored ceiling lights that flashed in sync with what was probably the loudest sound system I had ever heard.

In one corner of the gleaming hardwood rink was a fully stocked video arcade boasting Asteroids, Space Invaders and the all-new Pac-Man. A snack bar and roller skate rental kiosk lined another wall completing a scene that would be the template for roller disco rinks all across the country.

In many ways the roller rink is a magical place. It’s where the owners of the Skate Station in Lena, Illinois, Duane and Linda Simler met, actually.

When Skateland, located on IHM Blvd in Freeport, Illinois was open, Duane and Linda used to go there to skate. One night Duane asked Linda to skate with him and as they say, the rest is history. History until 1992 that is.

In 1992 the Simlers bought the Skate Station located in Lena. Originally opened in 1951 and vacant for a number of years, the couple decided to invest and make a life out of their passion. Now 25 years later they celebrate a quarter century of owning this local gem.

As part of their 25 year anniversary celebration, from 1-4 p.m. on Sunday May 7th, 2017 Skate Station is offering;

  • $.25 admission
  • $.25 quad skate rental
  • Free cookies
  • ​Lots of door prizes

From 1:00-2:00 Skate Station will be playing music from 2010-2017, from 2:00-3:00 music from 2000-2009 will be played and from 3:00-4:00 it’s music from 1992-1999.

So let’s all wish Duane and Linda a happy 25 year anniversary, and if you’re not doing anything on Sunday grab the family and head out to Skate Station and join the party. You never know, you might just create some new memories to add to all your existing ones.

What memories do you have roller skating? Let us know.

Skate Station is located at 7016 US-20 in Lena, Illinois. Their telephone number is (815) 232-7344


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