That Vacant, Empty Eagle Grocery Store on South Street

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — A lot of people have been asking about it. Something seems to be in the works inside that old vacant building. The lights are on, the door is open and a lot of people have been wondering what might be happening inside the former Eagle Grocery store located on South Street in Freeport next to CVS Pharmacy.

Viewers have written in.

Anyone know what’s going on inside the old Eagles across from Aldi’s?”

They’re doing something inside the old Eagles, you should go check.

What’s happening inside the old Eagles?”

Maybe I missed the post, cause you guys are usually on it, but what’s going on in the South street “Eagles” next to CVS?”

With all the curiosity, we thought we’d stop by to see what might be going on for ourselves. Like you, we too are hopeful some of our vacant buildings can find someone to love them.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot to report on.

Two weeks ago we stopped by the vacant store as a result of the many people wondering about it.

The front door was propped open, all the lights were on so we stuck our head inside the door and yelled, “hello, anyone here?”



No one answered, no one responded and the place was completely silent.

No one seemed home.

It was at the end of the day though so we figured we’d just stop back another time.

Earlier this week then we stopped by again, only however to find the same scenario with the door open, all the lights on and no one home.

We did call the leasing agent listed on the property.

He informed us that CVS actually owns the building, but said he wasn’t sure of what work, if any, might be being done at the location at this time.

We also called CVS corporate to see if we could get an answer from them about the activity residents have seen inside the building.

As of this writing we haven’t received a call back.

So what’s happening inside the old vacant Eagle Grocery store on South Street?

We’re not entirely sure exactly but if we had to guess, we think CVS may just be using the facility for temporary storage or for other related business activity here locally. We suppose they get to do that when it’s their buidling.

But we can all always hope.

Or, come up with an idea, buy the building and live happily ever after.

That’s probably not the news we would all like to hear, but it doesn’t appear the vacant building is going to be anything but a vacant building anytime soon.

In this case, we’d love to be wrong.

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