Turning 65 or Retiring – Get Help With Your Medicare Planning

Are you turning 65 or retiring soon? Going on Medicare can be confusing. You get tons of mail, maybe tons of phone calls, and it can be overwhelming to sort through what’s important and what is just noise.

I’m Angela Damin of Jewell Insurance and Financial Services. I’m an award winning, independent agent. I have hundreds of plans available from all the top companies. I’ve been in the Medicare business since 2007, and my agency has been in the same downtown Freeport office since 1997. We opened an additional office in Rockford in 2016.

I help people every day with applying for Social Security, applying for their Medicare, and choosing and enrolling in a Medicare and prescription drug plan. And we help after the fact too—when our customers have questions, they can call us, not just the 800 number!

I meet with people in person, over the phone, via text, and via email. I do one on one appointments, group appointments, and scheduled Medicare meetings at least once a month. I am available for customized public speaking engagements for groups, if you have a need for that.

Our scheduled Medicare events can be found on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/jewellinsurance or by calling the office at 815-232-7726. More information about or agency can be found at www.jewellinsurance.org
After our appointments, people say things like, “well that was easier than I expected,” and “I should have called you sooner.”

Contact me today, and I can help you get your Medicare in place! It doesn’t have to be a chore. Call or text 815-232-7726 or email angela@jewellinsurance.org


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