Two More Counterfeit $100 Bills Reportedly Came Thru Jimmy Johns of Freeport

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — Two more counterfeit $100 bills reportedly came thru Jimmy Johns of Freeport last night, according to a social media post.

The post says this is the 3rd one in the last week.

“The water line looked real. Holding it up to the light also looked real. They even passed thru the detector pen”, the person stated.

The bills had the exact same serial number, the post said. We were also told by a employee of another local retail store that fake $100 bill’s were used (or attempted) at Shoe Sensation, Shoe Carnival and Rosati’s as well.

Last week Freeport Police were seeking help from the public in investigating a ring of counterfeit $100 bills as a result of two cases which happened.

Freeport Police say a suspect, described as a 5’4″ tall black woman with a thin build, pink hair and pink nails, used a fake $100 bill last week to order $9.06 worth of food. The suspect then took the change and left.

In 2016 several businesses in Janesville were duped by fake 100 dollar bills. Luckily, an attentive employee at a Jimmy Johns was able to spot a counterfeit bill and notified police.

When officers made contact with many of the businesses, they didn’t even realize they had been victims.

Recent reports of fake $100 bills are report all over.

WEST BRIDGEWATER, Mass. (WPRI) — Police in West Bridgewater are looking for two men they say recently passed fake $100 bills at four different locations across town.

STAFFORD, Va. (FOX 5 DC) – Fake $100 bills are making their way around Northern Virginia, according to authorities. The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office said they’ve noticed an uptick and fake $100 bills and $20 bills circulating in the area.

The Association of Bureaux De Change Operators of Nigeria (ABCON), is campaigning against fake $100 bills, allegedly imported from India into the country. Speaking after the group’s National Executive Council (NEC) Meeting in Lagos at the weekend, ABCON President,  Aminu Gwadabe, said the $100 bill is majorly counterfeited because of huge profit margins that come with it.


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