Wet Bandits – Vandals Leave 4 Seasons Bowling Center Sprinkler System On, Get Arrested

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the crime you might be conjuring up in that little criminal mind of yours is probably not going to pay off.

Sure, all those thoughts of snagging up someone else’s stuff and calling it yours may sound appealing and all, in case you haven’t noticed, this isn’t the wild wild west. (Ahem, there are cameras everywhere.) Besides, police aren’t just going to let you get away with your silly little attempt to damage other people’s things, you think?

Well, turns out another set of buffoons, (or buffoon) thought it would be a good idea to vandalize the 4 Seasons Bowling Center and compromise a sprinkler head in the late hours of Tuesday this week. The result, they got arrested.

On top of getting arrested the Freeport Fire Department, Freeport Police Department, SJ Carlson, and Freeport RestoreX all helped out in the clean-up mess. (We’re told handcuffs were involved in that clean-up process.)

The 4 Season Bowling Center announced earlier today they had significant water in the front of the building due to vandals who compromised a sprinkler head. “Those involved have been arrested and will be charged appropriately”, they wrote.

The 4 Seasons Bowling Center said they are open and that they have been open throughout the clean-up, with the exception of the Lab Pro Shop. They’re asking everyone to please excuse the commercial fans and dehumidifiers as you enter the building.

They shared photos earlier today, which are below.

What a senseless waste of people’s time, money and resources, over nothing.



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