Why Freeport Health Club+PLUS For Weight Loss? Tony and Kayla, That’s Why!

Tony and Kayla’s journey with serious weight loss began in November of 2019. Then life and the holidays snuck up on them. They kind of went ghost on their program. While neither Tony or Kayla gained between Thanksgiving and the New Year, in fact, they both lost a few pounds, they weren’t going to the gym and they were only half trying to follow their food plans.

Fast forward to January 2020. Tony and Kayla decided if they were going to do “this”, it was time to commit. And boy, commit they did!
Once they decided they really wanted to be healthier for themselves and for their 3-year-old son, Greysen, they began consistently working out at the gym 3 times a week. They met with their trainers and began learning more and more about what they needed to do to strengthen their bodies.

They also started meeting with their weight loss coach one to two times a week. This meant they were receiving nutritional guidance, individualized food plans, accountability, motivation and empathy as well as being measured every two weeks figuring out their body fat percentage, fat weight, lean weight and inches lost. Since the scale isn’t the only number to concentrate on, these measurements are key in determining success.

Fast forward once again to February 24, 2020. Kayla has lost 26 pounds and at her last measure, she’s lost 32 inches off her body, dropped 19-1/2 pounds of fat weight and lowered her body fat by 2.9%!

Tony has lost 40 pounds, 42-1/2 inches off his body, dropped 41-1/2 pounds of fat weight and lowered his body fat by 7%!

We can’t be any happier for or proud of Tony and Kayla. They’ve worked so hard and are awesome examples of what dedication is.

Individual results will vary, but anyone can get the results they want if they are committed to doing their part. We at Freeport Health Club & Freeport Health Club+PLUS are here to help, encourage, raise your spirits and provide accountability and support that can lacking at other gyms and weight loss facilities in the area.

If you want a personalized weight loss program to fit your needs and goals, with all the help needed to be successful on your journey to become healthier, then Freeport Health Club+PLUS is worth a look.

Our coaches know how it is. We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk. We’ve been there with weight to lose and we “get it”. And really, unless you’ve been overweight, it’s very difficult to be able to empathize with someone who has.

Call 815-233-0066, ext. 2 for more information or to set up an appointment to get started on being happier, stronger and healthier.
Freeport Health Club+PLUS, where you’re only steps away from a healthier you!

Carol J Krupke
For Freeport Health Club & Freeport Health Club+PLUS

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