VIDEO: Worried About The Stock Market? Spend Two Hours With Warren Buffet

Berkshire Hathaway’s chairman and CEO Warren Buffett sat down with CNBC’s Becky Quick on Monday of last week to answer viewer questions and discuss the top news stories of the day.

As the coronavirus outbreak sparks fears of a slowdown in global growth, Buffett closed the CNBC interview saying his long-term outlook remains unchanged.

“We’re buying businesses to own for 20 or 30 years. We buy them in whole, we buy them in parts … and we think the 20- and 30-year outlook is not changed by the coronavirus.”

“Yeah there was trouble coming in 1942 when I bought that first stock,  all kinds of trouble, Philippines were gonna fall pretty soon. I mean there’s all kinds of trouble. In 1949 there was trouble, certainly trouble in 2008 when I wrote an article for the New York Times. I said trouble is coming but I said buy stock.

Buffett said that while he’s a Democrat, he’s not a “card-carrying Democrat” and has voted for Republican candidates in the past. As Sen. Bernie Sanders surges in the polls, Buffett said, “we will see what happens” regarding the Democratic nominee. Buffett did say that he’s a “card-carrying capitalist.”

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