Why Can’t I Get Ahead In The 21st Century

Isn’t this a familiar question we ask ourselves? Why can’t I have a better job, a better spouse, better behaved children, or better body. We spend so much time trapped in these thoughts, how can we ever move forward?

When I heard the truth about myself in Gods eyes, it undid everything I had learned about ‘ how I see myself today.’

God says, ” I have wonderfuly, created you.” Take a step back! He made each and every one of us in and out of ‘love’. Never making a mistake.

But why do I keep feeling like I don’t matter? My first question would be, hows your relationship with your creator? Do you pray to him often? Do you know because of Adam, we inherited sin? And that sin separated us from Him? Wouldn’t you want to just be oh so ever closer to Him because of sin?

Jesus tells us that the only way to the father is through him. Jesus spent time on earth teaching us, preparing us, and like a clay were not ‘finished’ YET!

So God goes on with his message through Jesus is this: Those wispers you’ve heard all your life about how you’ll never amount to much, is infact lies. You have a perfect God who made you perfectly in His image, and He has a perfect plan for your life.

Imagine your Mind, Heart, and Soul is a hotel. And your the Hotel Keeper. Who do you want occupying your space?  Doubt, fear, negativity? Or Joy, Hope, and Faith? Father God, Jesus Christ and Holy spirit or Lies, Defeat, Hurt.  Jesus tells us we are all slaves. But we chose whom we will serve. I don’t know about you but I’d rather be a slave of Hope, Love and Faith.  Only when we choose Him, will we realize our real potential and focused on Him, can we do things never thought possible.  Our potential has always been supernatural because we have a supernatural Father!  Tell those lies, fear and doubt…”I HAVE NO VACANCY FOR YOU!” Say like you mean it, believe like you mean it and love like you mean it! God bless you!

God doesn’t care about your performance, He cares about you.  If you believe this message, share this message!

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