Able To Leap The Rock River In A Single Bound, Superman Is Making People Smile In The Streets of Rockford

Rockford, Illinois — There aren’t too many other people I wanted to be as a child growing up, other than the man of steel himself, Superman. To be able to fly faster than a speeding bullet, leap tall buildings and save the human race from all of the bad in the world, well, at age 5 that was definitely going to be the life for me.

But you don’t have to be a kid and just dream of being Superman.

In fact, if you happen to live in Rockford and have traveled the roadways or perhaps even taken a glance outside your window while doing the dishes, you may have seen the caped crusader himself right in front of you.

That’s right. There’s a Superman in Rockford, Illinois and this superhero is bring smiles to everyone that he meets.

Rockford’s new crusader says he found a way by accident to make many people laugh and smile.  He says he walked past a big rack of Superman capes and always wanted one, so he bought it. With his new cape in hand he hit the streets but only as a joke at first.

Seeing the way people reacted to him with smiles and wanting to take his picture, he realized he might be on to a way to brighten people’s day.

While this new superhero won’t be out solving crimes or flying anyone into jail anytime soon, he says it’s just that as a human being, it’s to make someone else smile for the day.  Even for just a moment, make them laugh, do something kind for somebody.

He says if everyone did that, it would be such a better place to be.


Hey Superman!Every few weeks, this kind crusader, our local two-wheeled superhero, serves smiles along the streets of Rockford.

Thank you to Jordan Hardy of FlyGuy Films
Driver: Arnie Dyer
Assistant: Emma Fredrickson

Music: Zach Staas, Daniel Pingrey

Posted by Our City, Our Story on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

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