At Age 13 She Lost Her Vision, Now KC Needs Your Help

Freeport, Illinois — At age thirteen KC Tucker suddenly lost all vision in her right eye, and the left began the next day. She saw a local optometrist, who demanded she be seen in emergency. After a few days of tests, it was determined that KC had optic neuritis.

For those of you unfamiliar with the condition, it is a swelling of the optic nerve due to the white blood cells in the immune system attacking the body’s own tissues by mistake. This began a vicious cycle of KC getting a bit better, then flaring again at least once a year.

Once she had my her two children, this process began to pick up speed.

By 2013, KC began having optic neuritis flares every 2 months, on average. Her very first flare took most of her central vision in the right eye, so every single flare was an emergency in the left eye as it had potential to totally blind her.

Over the years, KC says she’s lost count to how many flares she has had. “I never thought this would be a huge deal, outside of the potentially permanent vision loss and nerve damage I was experiencing, however, June 2017 proved otherwise…”

“I woke up blind.”

You can read the rest of KC’s story here.


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