Alleged gang related shooting causes hospital ER to go on lockdown

UPDATE: It seems we need to provide an update to the article we aired on January 31st, 2018 regarding a shooting incident that occurred in Freeport. The article we aired, is below.

Let’s clear the air on a few things.

  1. There is a shooter and a victim here.
  2. The victim didn’t “cause” the problem that we’re aware of, the shooter caused the problem.
  3. We don’t blame the person who got shot, we blame the person who pulled the trigger.
  4. The shooter disrupted our streets, our neighborhoods, our hospital and someone’s life.
  5. The article below does not in any way mention race or nationality.
  6. We do not know and still do not know if the individuals involved are white, black, Hispanic, Latino or if it were martians from outer space, and we don’t care. It doesn’t matter.
  7. There is NO tolerance and no exception (unless in a life threatening self-defense situation) for ever shooting someone, period.
  8. Freeport and its residents do not tolerate nor does anyone want gang violence. You’re not welcome here.
  9. If you hang around people who are in gangs and carry guns don’t be surprised if you, someone else you know or a best friend gets shot.
  10. The entire incident didn’t need to happen. The incident wasn’t reported by Police as an “accident”.  This person didn’t “need” to get shot.
  11. The Freeport Police department said they believed the incident was gang related, not us.
  12. Freeport Police said it didn’t appear to be a random incident.
  13. We do not want anyone to get shot in our city.

Why not stand up for people making better choices in life ?
Maybe this person would have never been shot.

Why not stand up for not shooting someone in our streets and not being involved in a gang?
Maybe this person would have never been shot.

Why not make a statement against this kind of violence in Freeport?
Maybe this person would have never been shot.

How about respecting our neighbors, our city, our hospital and each other.
Maybe this person would have never been shot.


Freeport, Illinois — Yesterday afternoon as our local hospital and staff were caring for actual sick people and area citizens in need of hospital care, it seems there were other (healthy and uninjured) people in Freeport who had a different plan.

In what Freeport Police say they believe is gang related, it appears a few more misguided local people apparently found themselves unhappy with their own health and well-being in our city.  So unhappy it seems that, naturally as anyone would do, they decided to shoot at each other to rectify their problem.

While all the details of the situation aren’t yet released, it appears that around 2:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon another gang related shooting took place in Freeport around the 1300 block of South Float Ave. The Journal Standard reported that the person shot was transported to FHN by a private vehicle.

A situation that would have, of course, caused the emergency room to have to go on temporary lockdown in order to protect those inside the hospital, which they did.

Freeport Police say it didn’t appear to be a random incident and that they are talking to witnesses to yet determine how the shooting started. The condition of the victim is not known at this time.

In addition to the victim, here are some of the other situations affected by this careless act.

  • Neighbors in 1300 block of South Float who could have been harmed.
  • People who may have been sitting in the emergency room waiting for care when in rolls someone shot up.
  • A hospital perhaps unsure if the gang fight is following the victim to the hospital, so it locks its doors.
  • Doctors and medical professionals already in the care of others, having to stop and care for this person.

If you are in a gang, there are ways to get out. Gang members don’t want to die any more than anyone else does. If they did, they wouldn’t come to the hospital when they’re shot. You can end the cycle.



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