UPDATED: Association of Lincoln Presenters to hold Annual Conference in Freeport

Freeport, Illinois — This April, Mr. Lincoln will once again travel to Freeport, IL, to debate Stephen A. Douglas. Make that MANY Mr. Lincolns. The Association of Lincoln Presenters (ALP) will hold their Annual Conference in Freeport, IL, April 19-22, 2018.


The Association anticipates about 40 Abraham Lincolns and 15 Mary Lincolns, as well as additional folks from history such as First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, President Franklin Roosevelt, and General Ulysses S Grant, to attend from all over the United States.  This will be a sight to see!


UPDATE: On Friday, April 20th from 4-5pm, come to the Freeport Public Library to hear a story read by Mr. or Mrs. Lincoln. In conjunction with the Association of Lincoln Presenters Conference, which will be held in Freeport, IL from 19-22 April, Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln (many of them, in fact!) are visiting the library and want to share some stories from their lives and adventures with kids. Come listen to a story and take a picture!


Freeport was chosen as the site of the 2018 Annual Conference by ALP members in April 2016, and the conference will be organized by local librarian Laura Keyes. ALP President Stan Wernz says, “The ALP Membership is pleased to be traveling to Freeport for our 2018 Conference in April.  The preliminary planning has been outstanding, and we are eager to experience the Freeport hospitality and for the planned programs to begin!”


The group will be visiting various locations around Freeport, including Debate Square, Taylor Park, City Cemetery, and the Stephenson County Historical Museum, to learn more about Freeport’s history and its connections to the world of the Lincolns.


On Sunday, April 22, the conference will travel to Galena, IL, to take part in the festivities associated with that town’s US Grant’s Birthday celebration, hosted by the Galena-Jo Daviess County Historical Society. Conference attendees will enjoy a catered reception at the historic DeSoto House Hotel, and a private tour of the Galena Museum.


For the past 23 years, the ALP has met as a group in locations around the United States, and each conference is designed to educate the group on aspects of the Lincoln Family or Civil War History. Many speakers have been retained to share their expertise with the conference attendees, including local historian Dr. Edward Finch, local Abraham Lincoln Presenter George Buss, and Freeport native Steven Cole. “Freeport heritage is steeped in the Debates between Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln,” says Mr. Buss. “I’m looking forward to sharing our Debate Site history with my fellow members of the ALP.”


The ALP is extending an invitation to the public to join the ALP members in learning more about the Lincoln Family. Non-ALP members are welcome to register for this conference; registration fees and information is listed at www.Lincoln-Presenters.org.


Mission Statement:  

The Association of Lincoln Presenters (ALP) is an organization of men and women dedicated to bringing Abraham and Mary Lincoln to life. The ALP mission is to preserve the legacy of Abraham and Mary Lincoln, to honor their words and works, and walk in their footsteps.

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