Ignite Your Morning — Celebrate Good Times…Come On?

Good morning!

Did you think of the song when you read the title to todays article? Today is a great day to celebrate don’t you think?

I know, you may feel a bit growly, but run with me for a second. Go get that coffee and read with me. I tell you the truth, when you start celebrating and you change what you are focusing on your mood will change with it.

As a leader I don’t necessarily focus on things being “right” or people “having it all together,” rather I focus on what direction we are headed. There are probably a hundred ways to get from A to Z and I know that my team will most likely get from A to Z differently than me, but in the end we will get the same fantastic overall result and accomplishing the vision.

So today I want to encourage you as I encourage my team.

Weekly, we post something on our private Facebook group that’s called “Wednesday Wins,” or “Tuesday Triumphs,” or something like that. The point is to get everyone celebrating the wins of each team member each week.


Because we are going in the right direction. We don’t necessarily win at everything but when we focus on the wins the truth is that we win more often and we win together.

So take a minute today: What are your Wednesday Wins? What can you celebrate today in yourself, and in others? And if this exercise is taking a bit to do, I’d like to challenge you to flex that celebrating muscle more often!

Ignite Church

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