City of Cedarville Releases Statement on Recent Double Murders

CEDARVILLE, ILLINOIS — The village of Cedarville, Illinois has given its first public comments since the deadly shooting of Kyle Tucker, 35, and Shaun Bradbury, 36, of Freeport, along with the attempted murder of  Michael Steinhauser, 35, of Freeport. The village stated:

“The Village of Cedarville was rocked by a tragic incident this last weekend. But the emotions and feelings that our community experienced, pales in comparison of the loss the Tucker and Bradbury families have endured.

There are many questions and concerns regarding the events that led up to the shooting. We are confident that many of these questions will be answered in time.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Tucker and Bradbury families. We pray for a full recovery for Mr. Steinhauser.”

You can learn more about the incidents using these links.


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