Column: Gym Membership, What are the Answers?

In all aspects of life we ask questions. Sometimes it’s rhetorical, sometimes it’s a literal quirey. Sometimes we get answers, sometimes we don’t. It’s difficult to get the answers we need if we don’t know the right questions to ask.

When deciding on a gym membership, there are some questions that should be asked and you should be given a straight forward answer.

1. What’s the cost?

Most companies don’t like to discuss prices over the phone. They want you to come into their facility and take a tour or sit down and discuss your options. And really, there’s nothing wrong with that. At Freeport Health Club, we aren’t as secretive about our prices and always offer a FREE 7 day gym pass, so you can try before you buy.

2. Is there a maintenance fee?

Because the market is now fully saturated with gyms, the price of a memebership has fallen. To make sure the equipment is kept in great shape, to update the locker rooms or to keep the sauna and steam rooms running, a maintence fee is usually necessary. We have a one time a year fee to cover this. It’s probably one of the lowest in town too.

3. Do I have to sign a contract?

At Freeport Health Club, we have two options. When joining a member can either sign a term agreement (12 months/24 months) or join with our Month to Month program. You will sign an agreement with this membership too but it is not a long-term commitment. The costs vary but we at FHC can guarantee our memberships are one of the lowest in the area.

4. Is there a cancellation policy?

At Freeport Health Club we make sure to be crystal clear with all the specifics regarding our cancellation criteria. We go over everything with you, answer any questions that are asked and then the new member and the FHC staff sign off on it. There are no surprises with our memberships… Ever!

5. Am I healthy enough to work out?

That’s a great question to ask. And here at FHC, if a prospective member asks this, they complete a Medical Information document. This asks about current illnesses, past illnesses, medications taken and surgeries. After this is filled out, it is determined if a doctor’s release is necessary. A letter, along with a release is sent to the health care professional. We say it all the time: “We aren’t doctors!” So we listen to what the professionals say. We want to make sure you are doing what’s best for you short term and long term!

6. How experienced are the trainers?

Honestly, that’s one of the easiest questions for us at Freeport Health Club to answer. Bill Tillou, Owner and Personal Trainer has 35 years experience. Val Bardell, Personal Trainer has 20 years experience. We’ve got that covered completely!

7. If I want to lose weight, does this gym have a Weight Loss Program?

At FHC we do have a weight loss component. Freeport Health Club+PLUS (the + is weight loss) offers two different result proven programs which include either a lower fat, higher protein, moderate carb menu or a lower carb, moderate protein, and moderate fat menu.

Our weight loss coach knows what it’s like to be overweight. Empathy is huge in the +PLUS office as is motivation and sometimes tough love. No one knows better how it feels to want to lose weight than someone who has.

So there you have it. The questions to ask to ensure you are fully prepared to become healthier, stronger and more confident in your ability to achieve ANY goal you set for yourself.

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Carol J Krupke
for Freeport Health Club & Freeport Health Club+PLUS

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