Column: So this is Christmas, and Thanksgiving and New Year

So here come the holidays. This time of year is jam packed full of busy schedules, stress and in most cases, lots of food including snacks. Cookies, candy, decadent deserts and rich sugar laden baked goods. Most people have more than one gathering per holiday between family, friends and work so those amazing treats are everywhere multiple times from Thanksgiving to the New Year.

How do we keep from gaining a bunch of weight during November, December and into January? It’s not always easy but it’s definitely doable. Here are some really great tips:

1. Never go to a celebration, party or gathering hungry. Make sure to eat a little bit of something beforehand. Something with protein is your best bet. It could be a hardboiled egg, a protein smoothie or even a ½ cup of cottage cheese. As long as it has a decent amount of protein, you’ll be better off. You can still have some of your favorites at the party, but won’t be tempted to overindulge and you’ll feel satisfied!

2. Make sure to bring a healthy alternative. Lots of parties this time of year are potlucks. So take advantage of that and bring something that you know you can eat. Whether it’s salad, or fruit or even a redesigned holiday favorite, you’ll have something good to eat and you won’t feel deprived!

3. Don’t forget your water! Getting the right amount of water every day is key in keeping the extra pounds away all through the year, but during the holidays, it’s especially important to not cut back on good ole H 2 O! Did you know that being dehydrated can mimic hunger? Yep! So drink that water, bring your bottle along or make sure to ask for it as your beverage of choice (even if it’s between a lavation or two!)

4. Keep moving! We all know it’s going to be tougher to find time to make it to the gym when you have work, parties, shopping and meal prepping all happening at the same time. Look at it this way. You’d make sure to go to a doctor appointment, right? Keep that appointment for your gym work out too!

5. Use a smaller plate and cut your food up into smaller bite sized portions. These two tricks really do work! You see with your eyes the plate being full and all those yummy bites just waiting to be eaten. More trips to the mouth, the brain thinks you are eating more too!

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Carol J Krupke
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